Digital Transformation and Strategy Survey DGC

Ambition versus Ability 

 A lot of organisations feel the urge of Digital Transformation. Current (successful) business models however prove reluctant to change, and why should you change anyway?  Furthermore the ability to act raises questions; if you need to, what do you need to be able to, and where am I capable? 

This survey has the purpose of scoring and benchmarking both your business model readiness and your digital capabilities. 


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M1: How would you score (1-5) the "Mastery of Digital Technology" within your organisation? *

M2: How would you score (1-5) the Readiness of your organisations Business Model *

D11: A clearly defined strategic vision mapped to an understanding of digital needs *

D12: Company has a strategy for digital transformation *

D13: Senior executive team has a clear understanding of digital technology capabilities and how they will support business objectives *

D14: No problem with lack of digital leadership to define strategy *

D15: No difficulty developing company digital strategy *

D21: There is a culture of innovation and risk-taking *

D22: New ways of thinking and solutions from diverse perspectives are encouraged *

D23: Failure while taking a calculated risk is to be learned from; it is not a black mark on one’s career. *

D24: Innovators are rewarded *

D25: No problem with cultural resistance *

D31: Increasingly using software to improve operations performance *

D32: Increasingly using software to improve customer understanding *

D33: Increasingly using software to improve product know-how *

D34: Sufficient intellectual property assets to implement strategic vision *

D35: Increasingly using software to improve supplier interactions *

D41: Availability of digital expertise *

D42: Overall, there are necessary visionary/innovative skills within the company to define the right digital strategy *

D43: Grades are assigned to individuals based on their level of digital transformation knowledge *

D44: Technical talent for innovation is already available in the company *

D45: No problem with lack of digital skills to execute strategy *

D51: Company willing to fund strategic digital initiatives with uncertain returns *

D52: Willingness in the short run to cannibalize existing revenue streams and business models to gain profit in the long run *

D53: Collaboration and alignment between M&A, digital and business unit teams *

D54: No problem with lack of budget/resources assigned to digital transformation *

D55: Investment increase in new forms of software over past three years *

D61: Technology in use: Big Data *

D62: Technology in use: Data Mining and Analysis/Data Analytics *

D63: Technology in use: Mobile Technologies *

D64: Technology in use: Cloud Computing *

D65: Internet and wireless communications *

D66: Sufficient technology assets to implement strategic vision *